21 Aug 2014 09:49 pm


The Ruby Nation Ice Bucket Challenge!

Ruby Nation Ice Bucket Challenge photo ALSIceBucket_zpsde3ee062.jpg

Finally, stupid memes used for a good cause; helping research to help sufferers of fatal neuro-degenerative disease, ALS (a.k.a. Lou Gehrig's disease)! I was given the challenge in comics form by Jon Grasseschi of Everyday Abnormal fame, and now i'm giving it to three other great comickers. And donating too, of course.


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25 May 2014 11:59 pm


State of the Ruby Nation

No new comics this week; after 3 last week and a bunch of crap to deal with in real life, all I have is this colored promotional image of the new Apex State storyline;

There's a LOT coming. I'm really excited about this story and everything it entails. What is all of that everything? Stay tuned...


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02 Apr 2014 09:21 pm


New Incentive Image for Voting! Vague Symbolism!

Okay, the symbolism isn't meant to be literally messianic, and it's based on abilities Ruby's already shown, but I'm still happy with how the image turned out. Check it out by voting 0 comments

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10 Dec 2013 06:16 pm


Happy Holidays, Webcomic Underdogs!

Done for the Webcomic Underdogs Holiday Art contest,

the piece includes the following;

  1. M from Area 42 by Mike Pogdor

  2. Xolotl from The Black Mudpuppy by Ethan Kocak

  3. Veronica Kane from Giant Girl Adventures by Sabrina Pandora and Co.

  4. Murakami Asuka from Everyday Abnormal by Jon Grassechi

  5. Jack Phoenix from Comatose by Wally Nguyen

  6. Mordecai from Kyria by Aero-Zero

  7. Dima Satan from Rasputin Catamite by Vas Wojtancowicz

  8. Ruby Harrison from Ruby Nation by yours truly

  9. Lordon D. God from Welcome to Hereafter by Bry Kotyk

  10. NDBag from NDBag the Boogeyman by E.L. Gludovacz

  11. Tenzin from the Demon Archives by Daniel Sharp and Co.

  12. Cat Hoxley from October 20th by Marius Hjelseth

  13. June Summer from Princess Chroma by Sarah Driffill

  14. Barry the Eyebeast from Enemy Agency by Dan Morgan

  15. Hebiko from Parasite Galaxy by Atsuiikarkura

  16. Snake from Monkey Dog Snake Human by Jab Bers

  17. Chris from On the Grind by George Gant

  18. Edison Lighthouse from Groovy Kinda by Charlie Wise

  19. Allie from Poet Kitties by yours truly

  20. Terry Breyken from Blitz Phoenix by Emily Brackham

  21. Goredamn from Alignment by Joshua Chace

  22. Baby from My Girlfriend's Dog by Michael Yakutis and Marisa Brenizer

  23. Future-Rita from Decrypting Rita by Margaret Trauth

  24. Anahi (Any) from M9 Girls by Rulo Potamo and Kanela

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30 Oct 2013 10:02 pm


Happy Halloween, Webcomic Underdogs!

Ruby Nation has become much more worthwhile for me since I discovered Webcomic Underdogs, which has allowed me to actually meet and connect with other webcomickers. I couldn't do justice to everyone's characters, so if you wanted to be included and weren't, let me know and I'll work on some fan art for you as a form of apology. Here are the main characters (and Kaluga) dressed as the characters of some of the people with whom I've especially clicked;

--Kaluga is Xolotl of Ethan Cocak's The Black Mudpuppy
--Elise is June Summer of Sarah Driffill's Princess Chroma
--Jiro is Tsarinkas "Tsar" Smertovich Rasputin of Vas Wojtancowicz's Rasputin Barxotka and Rasputin Catamite
--Ruby is Catherine "Cat" Marie Hoxley from Marius Hjelseth's October 20

Happy Halloween everbody! (a day in advance)


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